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The Slovakian seems to be relaxed about the world championship race.

A big part of every sport is the crowd; the fans and the spectators. If no one is around to see the world championship event, it may seem as though it has not really taken place.

For many athletes, having the fans around and cheering them on has helped to boost their morale and given them that surge of energy and the rush of adrenaline required to overcome whatever obstacles they may face. The World Championship taking place in Qatar hardly has that feel of competition, set to take place in downtown Doha, the event is bound to be characterized by the absence of spectators.

However, this is no cause for worry to defending champion Peter Sagan as he is unperturbed by the idea of racing without a crowd on an empty road in the main event. Sagan, who has become a sensation as every stroke of his pedal seem to have been made into a Gif or posted as a video on YouTube, is well aware that the world has shifted away from the importance of physical presence. He understands that his audience these days is found not on the road but somewhere else.

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Thomas A Favorite In Flanders Tour

Welsh riding star Geraint Thomas seems to be a top favorite in the upcoming Flanders Tour. It adds quite a unique flavor to this year’s Flanders Tour as it’s generally a Belgian-dominated chase.

Among the total 98 seasons covered by this esteemed race, Belgians have topped in 68 editions. This year will mark the 99th edition of this historic race which is deemed as the 2nd of the 5 Monument races.

The first winner of this race was the famous Belgian great Paul Deman & he is one among the 6 riders to win it thrice.

However, this year, a gutsy Welshman, a Czech, a Slovak & a Norwegian are among the favorites who would be striving to succeed Swiss legend Cancellara (Fabian) as champion.

Interestingly, one among the reasons behind the confidence of these new favorites is that the defending rider himself- one among the riders with 3 Flanders Tour wins – is severely injured. Besides, another strong competitor Tom Boonen won’t be participating at Flanders this time given serious injured.

Cancellara has been ruled out of the historic race with two fractured vertebrae & Tom is nursing his dislocated shoulder. Thus, the race seems wide open to compete and score big for the new favorites.

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Cookson Warns Of “Uncomfortable” Doping Report From UCI

UCI President Brian Cookson has warned about “uncomfortable” reading on doping report which is soon to be published by UCI. The report is scheduled to be published next week.

UCI had appointed an independent 3-men panel on doping investigation which includes interview session with once-legend-now-disgraced rider Lance Armstrong, whose doping confession in 2013 took the entire world by storm.

“When one opens up a can full of worms, there are warms galore”, Cookson stated while discussing about the soon-to-be published doping report by UCI’s independent investigation panel.

“The reading would be uncomfortable, a lot.  I feel that we all must prep up ourselves for it.”

The UCI head has confirmed that there won’t be same controversy regarding the report publication as was seen while changes were incorporated into FIFA’s account on World Cup football bidding – where independent investigator Garcia (Michael) resigned with the publication of FIFA’s report.

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5th Astana Rider Tests Positive

It’s definitely getting really scandalous for Astana Continental- After 4 embarrassing doping disclosure a 5th Astana rider has been again found positive, adding further injury to the team insult.

It’s Artur Fedosseyev who has tested positive for the banned consumption of anabolic steroid.

The 5th doping disclosure on a row in the same year is not only humiliating for Team Astana but also for the UCI & defending Tour France champ Vincenzo Nibali- who hails from the same squad.


Brit cycling groups delighted

The British cycling groups must be in a great mood these days. The British PM’s recent declaration on offering 77m pound to enhance biking habits in UK cities have been hugely welcomed by the riding enthusiasts in the country. David Cameron has dubbed the 77m pound scheme as the initiation of cycling revolution.

As per the reports, the scheme involves a huge scale involvement of public cash into cycling which was originally planned to be officially launched by the British P.M.  & Chris Hoy, the elite most Olympian in Britain. The fund would be allotted for upgradation & other enhancement at fourteen locations on trunk-road network which is viewed as a serious obstacle to the bikers.

“Following our Olympic, Paralympics & Tour de France success, Brit cycling is actually riding high. We now wish to see the cycling soar. It has been proved that our athletes are the best names in the entire world & building on that we wish to expand our riding success beyond its sphere & to the roads- we will start up a riding revolution that would work to remove all barriers ensuring a smooth course for a new genre of cyclists”, stated Mr. Cameron while speaking on the 77m pounds fund allotment for the betterment of cycling courses in England.

The entire fund money would be split in between Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich, Oxford & Cambridge. The scheme is meant to enhance existent cycling networks & pay for the new courses, creating segregated tracks in some places. The maximum funding will be going to Greater Manchester (20m), West Yorkshire (18.1m) & Birmingham (17m). Cameron stressed that the government plans to make the tracks safer & easier for UK public. As per the sources, the whole funding volume would rise up to 148m pounds considering local contributions within 2015.